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Really good. It has that old school vibe, especially in the way that it's mastered. It's reminiscent of early Wutang or Tupac's first album, in that the volumes on the instruments are not the way that you would expect it, but it kind of gives this mellow vibe, you know? I don't know if I'm explaining it well, but it's good.

BOULLIE responds:

I gotchu but above all else it sounds like you enjoyed it, and for that I thank ye

I can't front like the mastering was done on purpose completely tho, I haven't made anything with these headphones in mad long, I'm talkin like the early eaaaarly shit was made with these, some of the overly loud shit lol. I can't wait for these cables to come thruuuuuu!

Thanks for finding your way back here tho man, every now and then you pop your head in, it's appreciated

Really good. I was unsure in beginning when the bass drum was chopping up the main sound a little bit as it came in. But as it went on, it was okay. The mix up at 1:33 is the highlight of this track, very nice!

JoshuaHughes responds:

Thanks, dude! I think you're talking about the parallel compression with the kick and the synths. I was very unsure of how much it needed. I guess it was a little too much?

What is this, your new style? You into shitty platformers on the SNES now?

clown shit.

Good start. but for a drum and bass track it's somewhat lacking a bassline.

VideoGameManiac responds:

Ty for your review!
Yeah its more ambient oriented xd

Too good. wtf. How are you making these?

BOULLIE responds:

Lil pad, some software, and samples homie.

Bass heavy as fuck. A little too much. But the heart is in the right place. it's rolls. great sound choices otherwise.

BOULLIE responds:

Yeah it booms a bit lmao thanks for checking it out


ah yes. This sounds like something you would make. It has your fingerprints all over it. Keep it up.

Now Tayne I can get into!

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