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Entry #1

Learning how to make music.

2008-06-15 00:38:55 by buyj3llo

I trying to learn how to make music via the internet. I'm listening to stuff on newgrounds, youtube, myspace and wherever else I can find it; then using it as inspiration to try and make my own. I'm posting my stuff here as a means of tracking my progress, and receiving criticisms to help the process along.


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2008-06-16 23:52:07

Cool. I have no idea why I am makeing music... at least you have a reason why you are.


2009-05-18 19:02:06

Thanks for the support, I appreciate the generosity of your vote and I like that you took the beat for what it was at face value. I'm sure you will have no problems making your own music, if you ever need any help or advice, then feel free to pm me, I am more of a writer/director than musician, but I can offer guidance in all these areas, if you would like to hear one of my best songs, check out my song - The Loner, its one of my most heartfelt efforts and something I actually had the patience to finish. I will also review some of your songs too.



2010-12-26 16:45:35

Ready to hear another track from ya bro!


2011-02-04 16:11:06

Yea good luck man!!


2012-01-29 00:21:22

First of all, thanks to you for making the effort to check out our stuff. We have posted songs, they're just getting approved. Anyway, you are rocking, so keep it up and stay awesome.


2012-02-17 04:28:52

I don't need jello


2012-04-12 03:12:36 is a great place to go to in order to see tutorials on how to do certain things within FL studio (assuming that your using that program), and hopefully it'll give you some great advice about how to become better as a musical artist.


2012-10-21 21:41:45

I love your music
please make more industrial like Jan 3